The Ipswich Touch Test (IpTT): Your Diagnostic tool is "at hand"

3 thoughts on “The Ipswich Touch Test (IpTT): Your Diagnostic tool is "at hand"

  1. the International working group on the Diabetic foot classify a person as having loss of sensation at just 1 o4 sites on a foot. Why does the IPTT than only classify loss of sensation at 2/6 sites? Potentially in comparison to the monofilament than the IPTT could produce a false negative where the monofilament would detect and classify a person as having LOPS with sensory loss at 1 site eg Large toe of 1 foot where as according to IPTT that same site that is insensitive would not be regarded as having LOPS. Therefore the IPTT in such cases is not as sensitive as 4 point monofilament testing as recommended by the IWGDF Please comment on this discrepancy


    1. I would tend to agree with you, Yusuf, as our group were ones who performed the early accuracy/receiver operating characteristic curve analysis using SWMF/VPT/etc. However, works by Rayman and coworkers have suggested it to be substantively equivalent.

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