Critical Limb Ischemia Has Outlived its Use: Enter WIFi

Joe Mills lecturing this morning at our didactic conference on a new look at an old problem.

The classic paper on CLI by Prof. Sir Peter Bell and coworkers specifically EXCLUDED people with diabetes. Yet, we and industry have embraced this term including this important group.

Building on previous systems of foot ulcer classification and vascular disease classification, efforts are being made by us and colleagues to unify the two.

Enter Joe’s lecture this morning and a new, simple index: WIFi (wound, ischemia, foot infection) that divides all into none, mild, moderate and severe. This builds on the UT and PEDIS systems as well as classic Fontaine and Rutherford and TASC systems.

For more information on how to employ WIFI practically in clinic, click here. 

Wound: depths identical to UT and PEDIS
Ischemia: none, mild moderate, severe based on hemodynamics
Foot infection: same as IDSA and PEDIS

Think Cancer’s “TNM” grading for diabetic feet.

More later. Let’s talk WIFI.

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