Armstrong & Mills Team Up to Avoid an Australian Toepocalypse Now

David G. Armstrong, Professor of Surgery and Director of the University of Arizona’s Southern Arizona Limb Salvage Alliance (SALSA) and Joseph L. Mills, Chief of Vascular and Endovascular and SALSA’s co-chair teamed up to deliver a data-packed lecture on the latest technologies and teamwork in amputation prevention to an enthusiastic audience at the Asian Vascular Surgery Society Symposium (ASVS) held this year in Melbourne, Australia. The lecture was unique in that it was delivered by video from Tucson (which is done frequently by the SALSA team), but also delivered asynchronously with Mills peppering his portion of the talk by prerecorded video clip. “This was so much fun”, noted Armstrong. I can’t remember giving a talk where we were separated not only by 7180 nautical miles, but also having my partner pre-record portions of his talk. I have whiplash! Next years’ symposium will be held in Istanbul. “As much as I like technology”, Armstrong continued, “Something more traditional might be nice.”
SALSA’s Joseph L. Mills and David G. Armstrong

The ASVS was chaired by Prof. Rob Fitridge from the Royal Adelaide and the session was chaired by Profs. Paul Norman (University of Western Australia) and Peter Robless (National University, Singapore).  

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