mHealth May Produce $305B in Productivity Savings by 2021 | Healthcare Information Technology

mHealth May Produce $305B in Productivity Savings by 2021

An intriguing report that seems to fit with many peoples’ emerging world view:

• The capabilities offered by mobile technologies are fast being appreciated by the healthcare industry with a raft of devices, sensors, apps and other programs being developed that target chronic conditions, telemedicine and remote monitoring, patient data capture, electronic records, e-prescribing and the parallel industries of fitness and wellness.
• Analysts expect the mHealth market’s value will increase to $11.7 billion by 2018, a compound annual growth rate of 39 percent. The market was estimated at $1.2 billion in 2011. 
• mHealth holds promise for improvement along the value chain — maximizing professionals’ time and productivity, improving quality, increasing access and equity, stimulating greater consumer involvement and potentially decreasing costs.
• The extent to which stakeholders create user confidence through adequate privacy and security protections will play a key role in accelerating or retarding the adoption of mHealth and the realization of benefits.

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