Terumo’s Upwalk Toe Lifting Socks: Preventing Falls in the Elderly?

Courtesy of the great folks @Medgadget

Elderly folks are prone to falls that can result in hip fractures and other injuries. There are a number of reasons for this age related risk, including loss of balance, poor attention, and even deteriorating hearing. So a simple slip from an uneven floor surface is all it takes to come crashing down. Terumo, Japan’s largest medical device maker normally famous for cardiovascular minimally invasive devices and perfusion equipment, wants to help prevent falls with a pair of socks that pull up patient’s toes and help avoid hitting thresholds, floor boards, and anything else protruding above the rest of the floor.
The Upwalk brand of socks features different stitching on top and the bottom so that there’s more give on the bottom and more pull on top, resulting in lifted toes. According to the video below, though Japanese folks like to walk around in their socks at home, the Upwalk socks do their magic even while wearing shoes.
Here’s a company video about the Upwalk, and since pictures speak a thousand words you won’t need a translator:

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