SALSA’s Giovinco and Armstrong give "Mind Bending" Look into Medical, Surgical and Consumer Electronic Future at SAWC @Bio5 @UofA

David G. Armstrong and Nicholas Giovinco Following their “Future Tech” Talks

The Southern Arizona Limb Salvage Alliance’s Nicholas Giovinco and David G. Armstrong gave a series of three lectures at the Symposium for the Advancement of Wound Care (SAWC)  in Las Vegas this weekend focusing on our collective future where, according to Armstrong, “Consumer electronics are and will merge with medical devices and even us.” “This was a hugely fun and fulfilling program”, noted Giovinco, who serves as Director of SALSA’s 3D Replicator Lab, where they are working on next-generation printed medical, surgical and consumer devices. Giovinco continued: “From glasses that not only track your eyesight but read your brain activity to socks that track your activity and can predict when you’re going to get a blister or arthritis– we are literally handling the future every day right now”. In addition to discussing advances in wound care diagnostics,  Armstrong predicts a day in the near future when “3D printing will be the next Napster– but for physical things. Instead of downloading an mp3, we will be downloading a file and printing out a thing. This is happening much sooner than we expect. Businesses, healthcare organizations, and economies should take heed. It’s such an exciting time.”

David G. Armstrong

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