University of Arizona’s Chicano Hispano Student Event on Diabetes Draws Students, Policy Makers, Scientists and Surgeons

The University of Arizona’s Chicano Latino Students Association (CHSA) sponsored a first-ever symposium dedicated solely to raising awareness and promoting activism amongst people with diabetes. “We are dealing with the silent, sinister, epidemic of our time– but there is so much that can be done by individual people to make a difference”, noted David G. Armstrong, chair of the symposium organized by CHSA members Carmen Zaldivar and Marco Miramontes. After an overview of the disease by Merri Pendergrass, Director of the University of Arizona’s Diabetes Center, a wide-ranging discussion took place between an audience of students, community members and faculty. Senator Carlyle Begay of Arizona’s 7th Senatorial District, “I think what we can all take away from this is simple: If individuals can make a difference, then we need to make a difference with individuals. We need to mentor those who come after us and find a mentor who has gone before us.” The meeting, which generated a great deal of enthusiasm, will follow with mentor-mentee opportunities for students and faculty throughout the Arizona community.

The CHSA event participants included (from left) : Socorro Carrizosa, CHSA Director, Senator Carlyle Begay, SALSA’s Director Prof. David G. Armstrong, CHSA Board Member Carmen Zaldivar, Dean of Science Joaquin Ruiz, CHSA Board Member Marco Miramontes, SALSA Co-Director Prof. Joseph L. Mills

David G. Armstrong

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