Attending the Symposium in Sydney? Here are the lectures. @PodiatryNSWACT

As many of the SALSA faithful know, we like to give our slides away.  This is in the hopes that you’ll take them, improve them, and pay it all forward.  Here are the lectures for the wonderful symposium in Sydney. We hope to see you there!

  1. Can we really “heal” anyone– and can we make prevention pay?
  2. How to Refer? The three minute and three second foot exams and Wound Ischemia Foot Infection (WIFI) settings.
  3. A brief history of wound healing– and a move to measuring what we manage.
  4. Offloading the diabetic foot wound: 30 years of research in 40 minutes

Also: here are some links that might be helpful for you. There are so many more– but here’s a nice start:

  1. Visualizing and using WIFI everyday
  2. Download the WIFI app
  3. Theragnostics in wound healing: Just another fishing expedition?
  4. Guidance documents: International Working Group on the Diabetic Foot
  5. Three minute foot exam
  6. Development of a “Hot Footline” Foot hotline for diabetic foot rapid response

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