@UofA Physicians Anchor Workshop on Next-Gen Wearables @Bio5

University of Arizona College of Medicine Physician Scientists Marvin Slepian and David G. Armstrong co-Chaired a sold-out, star-studded workshop of local, national and internationally renowned experts in wearable technologies at The University of Arizona’s Bio5 Keating Building today. Chaired by Bio5 Director, Jennifer Barton, the workshop consisted of panels and lectures from a wide group of innovators. “To see leaders from biotech, aerospace– many of whom are home-grown stars is inspiring.” Noted Marvin J. Slepian, Professor of Medicine and Director of the University of Arizona’s Arizona Center for Accelerated Biomedical Innovation (ACABI). “This was the single best program I’ve attended on this subject. From brain computer interfaces to the Orion Space Capsule to smart socks– we certainly covered the gamut.” Slepian chaired the session, “Design and Fabrication of Wearable BioMedical Devices: Issues, Materials and Technologies” and Armstrong chaired “Delaying Decay with Tomorrow’s Tech Today: Wearables in Chronic Disease and Aging”. The sessions were streamed live online.

David G. Armstrong, Chairing Wearables Program on “Delaying Decay” in Older People


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