@UofA’s Armstrong and @Harvard’s Lewis featured in first-ever Lancet Interview on 3D Printing in Medicine and Surgery

In a first for a podiatric surgeon, University of Arizona’s Professor David G. Armstrong joined Professor Jennifer Lewis in a broad-ranging interview in The Lancet regarding the past, present and future of 3D printing in medicine and surgery. Armstrong remarked that  “It is a thrill to be part of such a landmark special issue and it is simply mind-bending to be both an active participant and an avid fan for what’s next in medicine and surgery.” Authored by Lancet editor Naomi Lee, the manuscript included interviews with Armstrong, who spoke on his groups past works in printing surgical instruments and 3D reconstructive templates and Harvard’s Professor Jennifer Lewis, who spoke on next-generation printing of complex human tissue. The work is a part of a special issue focusing on the science of surgery set to coincide with the American College of Surgeons’ annual Clinical Congress.

David G. Armstrong

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