While scientists struggle to come up with treatments for diabetic foot ulcers, patients with chronic wounds are dying @khnews

“I beat cancer- but this is worse”

An important story from Kaiser Health News’ Marissa Taylor featuring one wonderful patient, several colleagues and our team on the cover of the Philadelphia Inquirer. Here’s to answering this call to action.

David G. Armstrong

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  • There is a lot of weakness in the treatment approaches taken by adopting the medical system we have. This brings them to a dead end and prevents them from joining me in the treatment that makes me so happy. I will always tell them that the treatment is there, Maybe one ear will hear me one of these days. Good luck to Carole Emmanuelle

  • Dr.David G.Armstrong, this is a heart wrenching story, I’ve experienced 7 of my closest friends who had Diabetes Foot Ulcers and all of them died. I pray that for Carole Emmanuelle it will be positive for her and wish her all the best. It’s stories like this, that reminds me of my many losses of my dear & special friends who died. (ages: 45 to 65 years of age). 08/03/2017 (Thursday) @ 6:34 am. “With my other medical condition which is a complication, due to the diabetes, will I be the next one to go – this is a very sad time for me?”

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