Increase in Diabetes-Related Amputations “A Call to Action” @KeckMedUSC Podiatric Surgeon

Dr. David Armstrong, a diabetes specialist, podiatrist and surgeon at the Keck School of Medicine at the University of Southern California, called the recent story on the increase in diabetes-related amputations a “call to action,” which is how he said various health officials and academic faculty members at [USC], UCLA and the Los Angeles Veteran’s Administration hospital reacted to the story he distributed.
Dr. David G. Armstrong

Professor of Surgery

Armstrong, who authors a blog for diabetes foot specialists, said his colleagues believe a partial solution to the increase in amputations is to expand the number of foot specialty clinics and podiatry services throughout the state to more rapidly detect and treat foot wounds that may otherwise go unnoticed. Too often, he said, people with diabetes-related neuropathy lack “the gift of pain” that would alert them to ulcers that then get infected.
Source: Cheryl Clark, [10/2/17]

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