First #SmartBoot for the Diabetic Foot, the Motus Smart Gets the Green Light @CES2018 @SensoriaInc @OptimaMolliter ‏

The Motus SmartBoot from two of our long-time R&D colleagues OptimaMolliter and Sensoria is now nearing launch. We are thrilled to see this technology finally reach patients. Here’s to measuring what me manage and helping people move through the world a bit better!

Smart Boot
The first Motus SmartBoot from OptimaMolliter and Sensoria gets (literally) the green light. Here’s to the Internet of Feet!


David G. Armstrong

Dedicated to amputation prevention, wound healing, diabetic foot, biotechnology and the intersection between medical devices and consumer electronics.


  • Great product. But pricey so most of my patients won’t be able to get it. Could also use a better foot interface insole but what they have is effective.

  • Lends to spread the information to the medical community, now in Venezuela the sophisticated offloading is a luxury, we will not stop knowing the updated and wait for the moment to use novel technologies. While we try the best offloading with the least damage. Thanks for the info.

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