From #ToeandFlow to #ToeFlowandGo: Adding Functional and Rehabilitation to the Mix

In August, 2017 in SALSA clinic, Dr. Stephanie Woelfel, DPT, suggested that the team we have long nicknamed “Toe and Flow” (highlighting the central nature of podiatric and vascular surgery to the interdisciplinary team) was inadequate to describe what we actually did. In fact,  “Toe Flow and Go” might better describe what it was we were doing in clinic, on the hospital wards, and on our research team.

Last week at #DFCon18, I fielded a question from Miguel Montero Baker, who (quite literally) asked the exact same thing– completely independent of the above.

Is this a trend?

We are presently working to modify the limb threat score “WIFI” to include a measure of function, too.

We know that the ability to navigate one’s world is what connotes quality of life. It’s all about movement. Let’s give this one a try… Long live #ToeFlowandGo!



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