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DFCon 2018 – Thursday Presentations:

Alan Lumsden – Creating a GPS for Vascular Surgery
Carlos Hinojosa-Becerril – Renegotiating NAFTA a North American Free Toes Alliance
Charles Liu – How BCI Will Change How We Move Through the World
Duncan Stang – CPR for the Diabetic Foot
Geoffrey Gurtner – Doping Plantar Skin to Correct the Defects that Lead to Diabetic Foot Ulcers
Giacomo Clerici – Prevention a la Milanese
Jose Luis Lazaro-Martinez – A Decade of Limb Salvage Surgery
Ketan Patel – Seoul 2 Sole How Transpacific Microvascular Partners Can Save Limbs
Lynn Tudhope – Can the Emperor of All Maladies Adopt the Orphan of All Maladies
Lyssa Ochoa – SAVE Program Implementing a Limb Salvage Program to Address Zip Code Inequality in Access to Care
Nikolai Sopko – Wound Care in a Box Clinical Applications of a Novel Autologous Homologous Skin Construct for Full-Thickness Tissue Regeneration
Pete Lazzarini – Battling a Great Barrier to Act Against Amputation Across Australia
Ryan Blanck – The ExoSym Program and the Role of Gait Salvage
Samantha Minc – Bringing COALS to Coal Country How the COALition of Appalachian Limb Salvage is a Diamond in the Rough
Sicco Bus – How the International Working Group has Brought the Diabetic Foot to the Front of the Bus and Sicco Bus in Front of Us
Venu Bhamidi – Bringing the Heel to Heal
Venu Bhamidi – How New Zealand is Fighting a Techtonic Shift in Demography with a Fellowship of the Limbs
Vincent Rowe – Flipping the Script is Venous Arterialization a Viable Treatment for the High Risk Foot
Vivek Kumar – Thats Fibrillar Dude Surfing the World of Self-Assembling Nanotubules
Zulfiqarali Abbas – A View of the Diabetic Food from the Continent on Which Man First Walked

DFCon 2018 – Friday Presentations:

Andrew Bradbury – BASIL Trials
Benjamin Lipsky – A Bone to PICC Does Anyone Need IV Antibiotics Anymore
Bijan Najafi – Maintaining Remission Induced Frailty by Offloading
Brad Spellberg – Is the Best Antibiotic the one We Never Gave
Brett Sellman – Can Transforming Monoclonal Antibodies into Antimicrobial Busy Bodies Prevent Amputation on Anybody
Brian Lepow – From Debridement Rebooting the Wound – Taking the Chronic Wound and Making it Acute
Christopher Attinger – After the Debridement Rebooting the Wound – Taking the Chronic Wound and Making it Acute
Javier LaFontaine – Charcot Foot Potential Pearls from Parkland
Jayer Chung – Who You Gonna Call – Clotbusters
Jeffrey Ross – Like a Bridge over Troubled Matrix How Cultured Tissue Products can Augment or Replace Skin Grafting
John Steinberg – Prophylactic Diabetic Food Surgery
Jose Luis Lazaro-Martinez – Infection in Remission Is Osteomyletis Really a Big Deal
Joseph Mills – Are We Remiss in Reducing Restenosis
Ketan Patel – SCIP the Skin Graft Usa a SCIP Flap Instead
Leo Clavijo – PCSK9 Inhibitor – A Medical Therapy for CLI
Matthew Menard – BASIL
Michael Conte – Global Vascular Guidelines A New Pathway for Limb Salvage
Miguel Montero-Baker – Pedal Loop
Nobuyoshi Azuma – SPINACH – Making Limb Salvage Salad from Spinach Alone
Sicco Bus – Using Data to Drive Remission
Warren Joseph – Drugs for Bugs What’s New What’s True

DFCon 2018 – Saturday Presentations:

Edward Poythress – Committing HARRISey – Working Together to Heal a Hole in the System in Harris County Texas
Gary Gibbons – Future of Diabetes Foot Care
J. Woodburn – A Worldwide Registry Where Can I Sign Up
Katherine Gallagher – Inflammation in Diabetic Wounds
Neal Barshes – Measuring What We Manager Using Regional Data to Improve Outcomes
Ramyar Gilani – Committing HARRISey – Working Together to Heal a Hole in the System in Harris County Texas
Shipra Arya – The Use of High-dose Statins and Amputation Prevention in PAD

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