Future California Podiatry Student Pitches Worldwide #Souls2Soles Exchange Program Before Delegates from 150 Nations

Alexandria A. Armstrong, a cum-laude graduate of Skidmore College, was invited to ​the D-Foot International Implementation Program in Madrid to ​pitch a ​proposed program that​ she suggested could save limbs and lives, worldwide. “This is like a semester abroad program– except the students are doing the outreach and service to help reinforce education that clinicians new to high-risk foot care have previously received.” She indicated that “​#Souls2Soles is designed to follow up on work done by giants in the field like Professors Morbach, Abbas and Pendsay have done in the “Step by Step Program.”  Armstrong plans to attend podiatric medical school in 2019 and would be a third generation California podiatrist.
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Kristien Van Acker, MD, President of D-Foot International, Honors Alexandria Armstrong after her “#Souls2Soles” presentation to delegates from 150 nations.

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