RxForSuccess Podcast- David G. Armstrong: The Storyteller

What a pleasure to participate with master interviewer Dr. Randy Cook in this great visit on the Rxforsuccess podcast.

Life Changing Moments 32: Thinking Outside the Box, Dr. Jay Shah Rx for Success Podcast

The CE experience for this Podcast is powered by CMEfy – click here to reflect and earn credits: https://earnc.me/d2TScL   Although he is one of the world's most renowned cardiologist, Dr. Jay Shah wanted a new challenge, new opportunities, and more time with his family and children. That's when he decided to explore other options for his career beyond the day-to-day of seeing patients.    And, maybe the day to day is also getting YOU down. if so, talking to a coach might help. Visit us at https://www.mymdcoaches.com   Dr. Jay Shah is a cardiologist and has 15+ years of medical expertise and leadership in healthcare delivery at city general hospitals, community organizations, and world-renowned institutions such as Massachusetts General Hospital and the Mayo Clinic.  He has made a successful transition to the startup ecosystem as the Chief Medical Officer of the Swiss company Aktiia for 2 years where he has been combining his medical expertise with an entrepreneurial ability in a dynamic startup environment. He is deeply passionate about physician leadership to drive growth and innovation in healthcare, as well as helping to advise physicians who are contemplating a career shift.   -+=-+=-+=-+=-+=-+=-+=-+=-+=-+=-+=-+=-+=-+=-+=-+=-+=-+=-+=-+=-+=-+= This Episode is brought to you today by Eagle Financial Group. Eagle Financial Group is here to help you understand your numbers to make wise decisions. From fractional CFO services to accounting, bookkeeping, and payroll, Eagle financial group is your partner to ensure that your practice keeps on serving your patients, and gives you more time to spend with your family and friends. It’s time that you overcome your obstacles, and get control of your financial life today. Give Eagle Financial Group a call at 719-755-0043, drop us an email at clientservices@eaglefsg.com, or visit us on line at eaglefsg.com -+=-+=-+=-+=-+=-+=-+=-+=-+=-+=-+=-+=-+=-+=-+=-+=-+=-+=-+=-+=-+=-+=   Join the Conversation! We want to hear from you! Do you have additional thoughts about today's topic? Do you have your own Prescription for Success? Record a message on Speakpipe     Unlock Bonus content and get the shows early on our Patreon Follow us or Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | Stitcher | Amazon  | Spotify — Show notes at https://rxforsuccesspodcast.com/LCM32 Report-out with comments or feedback at https://rxforsuccesspodcast.com/report Music by Ryan Jones. Find Ryan on Instagram at _ryjones_, Contact Ryan at ryjonesofficial@gmail.com Production assistance by Clawson Solutions Group, find them on the web at csolgroup.com      
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Dr. Armstrong’s Prescription for Success:

Number 1: Folks don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care: Show a sincere interest in the person in front of you, not just their problem..

Number 2: Don’t be a what I call a kiss up, kick down kind of person: Be the leader who knows the name of everyone that he or she sees when he or she is walking into work. Those interactions, those relationships are ultimately the most meaningful.

Number 3: Don’t procrastinate: Run your list and if you can get something done now, get it done now.

Number 4: Hard things are hard for a reason: Just because something is hard, doesn’t mean it’s not worthwhile. If given the choice between doing that thing that’s hard and clocking out for the day, do the thing that’s hard and you’ll grow because you did.

Number 5: The best gift you can give anyone, besides your love, is perspective: Periodically, step back and try to regard what you’re doing. No matter how great your work, if you regard what you’re doing, you’ll find little bits and pieces you can tweak.

Number 6: Be a collector of mentors and learn from them: Pay them respect by seeking their advice and guidance.

Connect with Dr. Armstrong:

Email: armstrong@usa.net

Website: diabeticfootonline.com

Faculty website: https://keck.usc.edu/faculty-search/david-g-armstrong/

Notable Quotes from Dr. Armstrong’s interview

The greatest gift you can give people is to make them feel better.

A lot of the work we do in tissue repair and wound healing and limb preservation is treating people that do not have the gift of pain. So a lot of times, our success is often measured in millimeters and over months and years, not just in that one patient visit.

Nothing ruins a good surgery, like follow up.

I think, ultimately, we’re not judged by how many manuscripts we’ve written, how many lectures we’ve given and how many countries? How many cylinders are in our car, how many dollars are in our bank account, or how much money we’ve gotten in grants. All that’s great, and it’s fun to keep score on that stuff. But ultimately, it’s a fleeting thing. I think we’re judged by our personal progeny, both your children and your professional progeny.

There’s plenty of feet to go around.

(On Fellowship) How’d you like to make one fifth the amount of money, but five times the difference?

My greatest mentor is my wife.

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