RxForSuccess Podcast- David G. Armstrong: The Storyteller

What a pleasure to participate with master interviewer Dr. Randy Cook in this great visit on the Rxforsuccess podcast.

122. The Pioneer: Diana Girnita MD, PhD Rx for Success Podcast

The CME experience for this Podcast is powered by CMEfy – click here to reflect and unlock credits & more: https://earnc.me/qMMXwq   Diana M. Girnita, MD, PhD is the CEO& Founder of Rheumatologist OnCall , a telemedicine company that provides specialized services to patients in multiple US states. Rheumatologist OnCall broadens the access to a top expert rheumatologist for patients with autoimmune diseases and arthritis. Access to specialists is delayed in our days up to 6 months. Rheumatologist OnCall offers quick access to top expert specialist care at affordable and transparent pricing to patients in eight US states.  The approach to patients is comprehensive and includes evidence-based medicine, but also provides nutrition, mindfulness and physical therapy services.  Dr. Girnita is a strong advocate for digital health, and telemedicine. She is also a nationwide promoter of practicing direct care as a specialist, to reduce costs and promote price transparency in healthcare. She is the Co-Founder of Direct Specialty Care Alliance and co-leader of the Free Market Medical Association California Chapter. Group Coaching for Physicians MD Coaches is proud to offer Group Coaching for Physicians. This is a small, intimate virtual group that will help to inspire participants to experience personal and professional fulfillment. Sessions begin on Thursday, October 6th, 2022 and runs through November 10th, 2022.  You will also earn CME credits by participating! For more information or to register please visit us at mdcoaches.store   Join the Conversation! We want to hear from you! Do you have additional thoughts about today's topic? Do you have your own Prescription for Success? Record a message on Speakpipe   All The Tools You Need To Build and Scale A Integrative Health Business Get a behind the scenes look at our playbook at Texas Center for Lifestyle Medicine to see the underpinnings of how they deliver health while keeping team members fulfilled. Find out more at https://rxforsuccesspodcast.com/IPB Unlock Bonus content and get the shows early on our Patreon Follow us or Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | Stitcher | Amazon  | Spotify — Show notes at https://rxforsuccesspodcast.com/122 Report-out with comments or feedback at https://rxforsuccesspodcast.com/report Music by Ryan Jones. Find Ryan on Instagram at _ryjones_, Contact Ryan at ryjonesofficial@gmail.com
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Dr. Armstrong’s Prescription for Success:

Number 1: Folks don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care: Show a sincere interest in the person in front of you, not just their problem..

Number 2: Don’t be a what I call a kiss up, kick down kind of person: Be the leader who knows the name of everyone that he or she sees when he or she is walking into work. Those interactions, those relationships are ultimately the most meaningful.

Number 3: Don’t procrastinate: Run your list and if you can get something done now, get it done now.

Number 4: Hard things are hard for a reason: Just because something is hard, doesn’t mean it’s not worthwhile. If given the choice between doing that thing that’s hard and clocking out for the day, do the thing that’s hard and you’ll grow because you did.

Number 5: The best gift you can give anyone, besides your love, is perspective: Periodically, step back and try to regard what you’re doing. No matter how great your work, if you regard what you’re doing, you’ll find little bits and pieces you can tweak.

Number 6: Be a collector of mentors and learn from them: Pay them respect by seeking their advice and guidance.

Connect with Dr. Armstrong:

Email: armstrong@usa.net

Website: diabeticfootonline.com

Faculty website: https://keck.usc.edu/faculty-search/david-g-armstrong/

Notable Quotes from Dr. Armstrong’s interview

The greatest gift you can give people is to make them feel better.

A lot of the work we do in tissue repair and wound healing and limb preservation is treating people that do not have the gift of pain. So a lot of times, our success is often measured in millimeters and over months and years, not just in that one patient visit.

Nothing ruins a good surgery, like follow up.

I think, ultimately, we’re not judged by how many manuscripts we’ve written, how many lectures we’ve given and how many countries? How many cylinders are in our car, how many dollars are in our bank account, or how much money we’ve gotten in grants. All that’s great, and it’s fun to keep score on that stuff. But ultimately, it’s a fleeting thing. I think we’re judged by our personal progeny, both your children and your professional progeny.

There’s plenty of feet to go around.

(On Fellowship) How’d you like to make one fifth the amount of money, but five times the difference?

My greatest mentor is my wife.

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