Vision for the Future: Smart Sensors for Remote Health Monitoring & Pervasive Healthcare

We at SALSA are working on the pervasive healthcare delivery model to transfer laboratory based sensors into patient homes in order to streamline the health monitoring tools and create a real time knowledge base using cooperative co-adaptive technologies. As shown in the figure, this model includes Diabetes Management (Glucose Monitoring, Temperature Monitoring for feet, Nutrition & Weight Management), Physical Activity Monitoring (Real Time Gait Analysis, Postural Transitions, Organization of Physical Activity, Risk of Falling) and Autofeedback, Education Reminders Element (Delivered through Cell Phones/PDA, Internet, RSS Feeds, Health Quiz and Landlines). After all, “There is no place like home”.

Our collaboration with colleagues at CLEAR (Center for Lower Extremity Ambulatory Research) and ACOA (Arizona Center on Aging) has facilitated targeted research into this area. We envisage that this model will be especially useful for the geriatric population and improve their quality of life. This model (Personal Health Portal) is a sample and we will keep adding independent modules as we move along.

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