Data Logging Shirt: Toward Personal Health Server

Our group’s long-standing dream of development of a “personal health network” continues to move closer to ubiquity. Here is a terrific project from some enterprising students at Northeastern University:

A senior design project by Marcus Moche, Alexandra Morgan and David Schmidt at Northeastern University:

Elbow injuries suffered by pitchers in Major League Baseball occur frequently and result in tens of millions of dollars in losses each season, representing the money that must be paid in salaries to pitchers who cannot perform due to injury.

“No single device for measuring the quality of pitching mechanics currently exists, so we have proposed a shirt that is lightweight and can be worn during bullpen sessions or exhibition games,” said Moche. “The shirt can be used to show when a player becomes fatigued and his mechanics worsen, through a display of real-time information on a monitor in the dugout.”

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