Charcot Foot Syndrome: RAGE against the dying of the foot?

Work from Witzke and coworkers from Arthur Vinik's Strelitz Diabetes Center in Norfolk, Virginia have reported some fascinating findings in a cohort of 80 patients, divided into three groups. Essentially, those with Charcot Foot Syndrome had lower circulating soluble receptor for advanced glycosylation end products (sRAGE). Additionally, calcaneal bone stiffness was lower in Charcot Foot Syndrome patients, as well.  While this was the case, they showed no difference in bone density compared to control patients. This suggests that therapies designed to increase soluble RAGE might increase defense mechanisms in at-risk patients.

Perhaps some of us need a bit more RAGE in our blood, especially if we've Charcot Foot? 

The abstract can be found here. Enjoy. 

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