Tune In to the UA’s Innovation Channel – 2013 Leading Edge Honorees Voice the "Win-Win" Menu

2013 Leading Edge Honorees at the annual University of Arizona’s Innovation Day provide insights into the driving forces and key ingredients towards successful commercial ventures on this recent blog from Debbie Gubernick at Arizona SciTech Festival.

SALSA Director, Dr. David Armstrong and Director of Operations, Dr. Manish Bharara received the prestigious awards this year on behalf of their wonderful research team and accomplishments that have made a difference in patient lives. “Patients don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care”, noted Dr. Armstrong. “Most amputations are avoidable with early detection and intervention enabled by prevention technologies” noted, Dr. Bharara.

Both researchers at Department of Surgery’s  Southern Arizona Limb Salvage Association (SALSA) work in developing and validating strategies for amputation prevention, mobility and quality of life improvement in diabetic patients.  

Stay tuned for more pictures and videos from the day!

Here’s the excerpt from Debbie Buberick’s blog:

Following are ten tips for entrepreneurial success, from seven of Tucson’s top thinkers:
“Load up your undergrad studies with math and science.” Lars R. Furenlid, PhD – Professor of Medical Imaging and Optical Sciences; Associate Director of the Center for Gamma-Ray Imaging
“Take lots of science and math to find the areas that interest you and that you are passionate about.” Raina M. Maier, PhD – Professor of Soil/Water and Environmental Science
“Pursue your dream—first find out what that dream is.” Raina M. Maier, PhD
“When you are working on a research topic, there are so many problems that need to be addressed. Number one: ask if it is something that somebody else will be interested in and pick up.”  Salim Hariri, PhD – Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering; UA Site Director, NSF Center for Cloud and Autonomic Computing
“Don’t let failures come in the way. If you have a failure, just move on, and start the next day fresh. Manish Bharara, PhD – Assistant Professor of Surgery; Director, Southern Arizona Limb Salvage Alliance (SALSA)
“[Pay] attention to whether your quality control is what you think it is.” Leslie Boyer, MD – Director, VIPER Institute; Associate Professor of Pathology and Pediatrics
“Work on research that has an impact.” Salim Hariri, PhD
“It’s like they say in The Graduate: ‘Plastics.’ Polymers affect everyone’s life.” Jared Griebel, Graduate Student, PhD candidate
“Set a goal to reach, then aim higher.” Lars R. Furenlid, PhD
“Create that recipe where everybody wins.” Hsinchun Chen – McClelland Professor of MIS; Director, Artificial Intelligence Lab “

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