2017 CSPM Heather Barton Award @SamuelMerrittu

I am so honored to have been selected as this year’s alumnus of the year.

Here’s is the text of the acceptance speech.


I want to thank the Alumni and Associates for this wonderful honor. As you read this, I will be asleep in London. The first time I visited this city was with Bob Johns, Josh Gerbert, and a junket of CPMA podiatrists. It affords me the opportunity to wax nostalgic a bit.

It seems like yesterday when I was attending Alumni and Associates meetings with my father and looking around the room at all the giants that sprung (to my mind) fully formed from CCPM.

I think about my late father often– just as I think of (off the top of my head) Ollie Foster, Sy Lane, Rich Viehe, Dick Lanham, Jim Stavosky, the Sokoloffs, Josh Gerbert, Mert Root, John Weed, Eric Hubbard, Eric Hultman, Tom Amberry, Freddie Youngswick and countless others who labored without fanfare so people like me could have it easy.

The truth is that I have had no excuses. I have, frankly, wanted for nothing and have had everything given to me. That includes this award.

Here’s to great gifts. Here’s to our mentors. Here’s to paying it forward.

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  1. Congratulations, Dr. Armstrong… And thank you for your continued contributions to the advancement of medicine; to the extent you you are probably not fully aware.

    Brian Milner

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