Armstrong First Podiatric Surgeon to Deliver Grand Rounds to USC Department of Dermatology

David G. Armstrong, Professor of Surgery and Director of the Southwestern Academic Limb Salvage Alliance at the Keck School of Medicine of USC became the first podiatric surgeon to deliver grand rounds to the College’s Department of Dermatology. “Dr. Armstrong is the world leader in this field.” Noted David Peng, Professor and Chair of Dermatology. “It is a pleasure to have his clinical and scientific expertise with us at Keck”. Armstrong spoke on a range of topics in the high-risk limb- beginning with his teams’ efforts in epidemiology to next-generation surgical and medical techniques that he believe had the potential to transform healthcare. Following the Grand Rounds program, the two University programs discussed means of collaboration— particularly within research and delivery of care at USC’s Hansen’s Disease Program, the largest leprosy clinic in the United States. This program is run by Prof. Maria Teresa Ochoa

Professors David G. Armstrong, April W. Armstrong, Maria Teresa Ochoa and David Peng at luncheon following Dermatology Grand Rounds.

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