Effect of buerger allen exercise on foot perfusion among patient with diabetes mellitus: A systematic review & meta-analysis

In our #ToeFlowandGo model, helping people move through their world a little better is a significant goal. One thing that conceptually fits is the use of exercises to improve runoff into the high risk foot. You are familiar with other descriptions of the exercises in this blog. Here is a systematic review by Thakur and coworkers that further supports it.


Aim: Buerger-Allen exercise includes set of activities like elevation, movement and rest of the lower extremities. This systematic review and meta- analysis aimed to assess the effectiveness of BAE on foot perfusion among patient with diabetes mellitus.

Material & methods: Five databases were searched for literatures published from inception to October 2020. Cochrane Collaboration Tool for RCTs and ROBINS-I tool for quasi-experimental studies were used for quality assessment.

Results: Four RCTs and six quasi-experimental studies were included, and pooled analysis have shown that the BAE was significantly effective in the improvement of ABI scores (MD = 0.14; 95% CI 0.08- 0.19; I2 = 30%; p < 0.000).

Conclusions: Studies showed that BAE effectively improves foot perfusion among patients with diabetes mellitus.

Keywords: Ankle brachial index; Buerger allen exercise; Diabetes mellitus; Exercise therapy; Foot perfusion; Peripheral vascular diseases.

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