@Geisinger Parenti Lectureship in Limb Salvage from USC Prof. David G. Armstrong Delivers Another Message of Hope in 2022 @ALPSLimb @USC @KeckMedicine_USC @USC_Vascular @APMA #ActAgainstAmputation

Participants in the 2013 John M. Parenti Lectureship (From L)
John M. Parenti, David G. Armstrong (2013 Parenti Lecturer), Nina Porzecanski, Cheryl Bongiovanni, (Invited Speaker), Arturo Porzecanski, Mahmoud Gannoum (Invited Lecturer, Cleveland Clinic), Michael Suk (Geisinger Clinic Chair of Orthopaedic Surgery) 

Participants in the 2022 John M. Parenti Lectureship (From L, first row) John Parenti, Linda Parenti, David G. Armstrong (2022 Keynote), Michael Suk. (From L, second row) Arturo Porzecanski, Nina Porzecanski, Salvatore Ramondelli, Kathya Zinser (organizer), David Troutman

Geisinger Clinic hosted its twelfth Parenti Limb Salvage symposium in Danville, Pennsylvania. David G. Armstrong, Professor of Surgery and Director of the Southwestern Academic Limb Salvage Alliance (SALSA) at the Keck School of Medicine of University of Southern California, became the first person to deliver the keynote lecture a second time. The program also included Georgetown professors John Steinberg and Chris Attinger, who joined remotely. It included physicians, surgeons, nurses, executives, and public officials from across the region, including the Dean of the Geisinger Commonwealth College of Medicine, Julie Byerley. The program was chaired and organized by Kathya Zinszer, DPM, MPH. The program is underwritten by a grant from noted economists, Drs. Arturo and Nina Porzecanski.

Keynote speaker Armstrong with Dean Julie Byerley before the symposium

The video introducing the symposium and the inspiring story behind Prof. Porzecanski and Parenti is available here.

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