Do Anti-Biofilm Antibiotics Have A Place in the Treatment of Diabetic Foot Osteomyelitis? @ALPSlimb #ActAgainstAmputation

Here is a copy of a preprint from our long-time friend and colleague Eric Senneville and coworkers.

The choice of antibiotic regimens to use in patients presenting with diabetic foot osteomyelitis and their duration differs according to the situation. Antibiotics play a more important role in the medical option where no infected bone has been resected while their role is reduced but not negligible in the case of surgical options. Some studies have reported the presence of biofilm structures in bone samples taken from patients with diabetic foot osteomyelitis which raises the question of the place of anti-biofilm antibiotic regimens in this setting. During the last two decades, clinical studies have suggested a potential benefit for anti-biofilm antibiotics, mainly rifampicin against staphylococci and fluoroquinolones against gram-negative bacilli. No data from randomized controlled studies have however been reported so far. The present work provides a summary of the available data on the question of the place of anti-biofilm antibiotics for the treatment of diabetic foot osteomyelitis but also the potential limitations of such treatments.

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