First-ever “episode of care” data shows the true toll of Diabetic Foot Ulcers: Study @USC @KeckMedUSC

This from our collective team at USC / University of Michigan / University of Arizona and Podimetrics

  • We validated a model to identify diabetic foot ulcer episodes in Medicare data.
  • With this model, we compared morbidity and mortality rates during and after episodes.
  • All-cause mortality was 1.5 times more likely during diabetic foot ulcer episodes.
  • All-cause hospitalization was 2.8 times more likely during diabetic foot ulcer episodes.

Our primary objective was to determine whether all-cause rates of mortality and resource utilization were higher during periods of diabetic foot ulceration. In support of this objective, a secondary objective was to develop and validate an episode-of-care model for diabetic foot ulceration.
We evaluated data from the Medicare Limited Data Set between 2013 and 2019. We defined episodes-of-care by clustering diabetic foot ulcer related claims such that the longest time interval between consecutive claims in any cluster did not exceed a duration which was adjusted to match two aspects of foot ulcer episodes that are well-established in the literature: healing rate at 12 weeks, and reulceration rate following healing. We compared rates of outcomes during periods of ulceration to rates immediately following healing to estimate incidence ratios.
The episode-of-care model had a minimum mean relative error of 4.2% in the two validation criteria using a clustering duration of seven weeks. Compared to periods after healing, all-cause inpatient admissions were 2.8 times more likely during foot ulcer episodes and death was 1.5 times more likely.
A newly-validated episode-of-care model for diabetic foot ulcers suggests an underappreciated association between foot ulcer episodes and all-cause resource utilization and mortality.

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