Smart Wearable Systems for the Remote Monitoring of Selected Vascular Disorders of the Lower Extremity: A Systematic Review #C2SHiP #Wearable #Diagnostic #Theragnostic

A good contribution from Souza and coworkers

This systematic review aims at providing an overview of the state of the art regarding smart wearable systems (SWS) applications to monitor the status of patients suffering from vascular disorders of the lower extremity. Peer-reviewed literature has been analyzed to identify employed data collection methods, system characteristics, and functionalities, and research challenges and limitations to be addressed. The Medline (PubMed) and SCOPUS databases were considered to search for publications describing SWS for remote or continuous monitoring of patients suffering from intermittent claudication, venous ulcers, and diabetic foot ulcers. Publications were first screened based on whether they describe an SWS applicable to the three selected vascular disorders of the lower extremity, including data processing and output to users. Information extracted from publications included targeted disease, clinical parameters to be measured and wearable devices used; system outputs to the user; system characteristics, including capabilities of remote or continuous monitoring or functionalities resulting from advanced data analyses, such as coaching, recommendations, or alerts; challenges and limitations reported; and research outputs. A total of 128 publications were considered in the full-text analysis, and 54 were finally included after eligibility criteria assessment by four independent reviewers. Our results were structured and discussed according to three main topics consisting of data collection, system functionalities, and limitations and challenges.

Keywords: continuous monitoring; diabetic foot; intermittent claudication; leg ulcer; mHealth; personalized healthcare; remote monitoring; wearable devices.

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