Knowledge mapping of diabetic foot research based on Web of Science database: A bibliometric analysis #ActAgainstAmputation #DiabeticFoot #ALPSlimb #Research

This from Zhao and coworkers in the journal Medicine


Purpose: To take a systematic bibliometric analysis and generate the knowledge mapping of diabetic foot research, basing on big data from Web of Science Core Collection (WoSCC) database.

Methods: Two authors retrieved the WoSCC independently, to obtain publications in field of diabetic foot. CiteSpace was used to detect the co-occurrence relationships of authors, keywords, institutions, and countries/regions, co-citation relationships of authors, references, and journals, and distribution of WoS category.

Results: A total of 10,822 documents were included, with 39,541 authors contributed to this field. “Armstrong DG,” “Lavery LA,” and “Lipsky BA” are the top 3 productive authors, and “Armstrong DG,” “Boulton AJM,” and “Lavery LA” were most commonly cited. The United States, England and China are the most productive countries, and Univ Washington, Univ Manchester and Harvard Univ published the largest quantity of articles. “Diabetes Care,” “Diabetic Med,” and “Diabetologia” are the most frequently cited journals, providing the greatest knowledge base. Clustering analysis of keywords co-occurrence map presented the following hotspots: #1 diabetic wound healing, #2 diabetic polyneuropathy, #3 plantar pressure, #4 diabetic foot infection, #5 endovascular treatment, and #6 hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Conclusion: This study performed a global overview of diabetic foot research using bibliometric and visualization methods, which would provide helpful references for researchers focusing on this area to capture the future trend.

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