Hotspots: Adherence in Home Foot Temperature Monitoring Interventions for At-Risk Feet with Diabetes #ActAgainstAmputation

A recent study published in Diabetic Medicine, titled “Hotspots: Adherence in home foot temperature monitoring interventions for at‐risk feet with diabetes – A narrative review,” explores the importance of home foot temperature monitoring (HFTM) for individuals with diabetes who are at risk for foot complications[1]. The study was conducted by our colleague Petra Jones and her coworkers[4].

HFTM is recommended as a preventive measure to identify early signs of inflammation and potential foot ulcers, which can lead to severe complications and even amputations if left untreated[1]. The review highlights the significance of patient adherence to HFTM interventions, as consistent monitoring is crucial for the early detection of potential issues. The authors discuss various factors that may influence adherence, such as patient education, motivation, and the availability of user-friendly monitoring devices[1]. By understanding these factors, healthcare providers can develop strategies to improve patient adherence and ultimately reduce the risk of foot complications in individuals with diabetes.

In conclusion, this narrative review emphasizes the importance of HFTM in preventing foot complications for at-risk individuals with diabetes. By identifying factors that influence patient adherence to HFTM interventions, healthcare providers can work towards improving patient outcomes and reducing the risk of severe complications, such as foot ulcers and amputations[1]. The study was conducted by Petra Jones and her coworkers, providing valuable insights into the field of diabetic foot care[4].

Source: Jones P, Lavery L, Davies MJ, Webb D, Rowlands AV, Hotspots: Adherence in home foot temperature monitoring interventions for at-risk feet with diabetes—A narrative review. Diabetic Medicine 2023; e15189.[1].


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